Security Patrol

Moon Valley Neighborhood Association and Community Action Security (C.A.S.) would like to thank you for subscribing to the Moon Valley security patrol service. We are excited to announce a few significant improvements for 2019. First, we are now able to process memberships on-line. The community has been requesting this for several years and now residents can subscribe directly on our MVNA website: and through the secure website, we can accept credit card payments. Second to improve awareness and communications, we will be posting monthly security statistics on the MVNA Website as well as key contact details, notifications. Additionally, we recommend utilizing the Nextdoor application, as this helps with real time alerts to the neighborhood. Third, as more neighbors are adding video surveillance cameras to their homes, we are encouraging the community to leverage the virtual block watch program, Thank you for your participation and working together to help make Moon Valley a safer, more secure neighborhood.

As a current Moon Valley security subscriber, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Assist with deterring trespassers and suspicious activity in your community
  • Receive open garage door notification when prudent
  • Receive assistance with lost pets
  • Participate in Vacation Watch for your home

Your Vacation Watch program includes:

  • A visual front inspection of your home (yard, driveway, doors, windows, etc.)
  • Newspaper pick up while you are away, if requested
  • Visual check for vandalism or other criminal activity on your property
  • Water leak notification (i.e. water coming from garage door, irrigation leaks, etc.) if visible
  • Contractor check (landscapers, house sitter, pet sitter)
  • You will be contacted immediately if any unauthorized person(s) or contractor(s) is observed on your property.
  • Patrol staff will contact Phoenix Police immediately if your home shows any signs of criminal activity
For Vacation Watch requests, please call C.A.S. at 602-751-6142. Please have the following information ready for our representatives:
Resident name, address, date of departure, date of return, contact number in case of an emergency (provide up to 3), authorized individuals or companies that will be at your property during your vacation, description of vehicles that are authorized to be on your property (make, model, license plate number).
Important: If you are witnessing a crime, call 911 immediately. If you notice any type of suspicious activity or persons in the neighborhood, call Crime Stop immediately at 602-262-6151. Did you know by calling the police you are actually supporting the coverage we receive? It is critical to insure the police are aware and help maintain the patrol coverage to protect our neighborhood. AS Police Commander Tom VanDorn stated at this year’s annual meeting, the police want us to call.
Remember: C.A.S. provides remote eyes and ears to help keep our neighborhood safe and are a compliment to Phoenix Police. The more funds we receive, the more comprehensive the coverage we can provide to the community. Please continue to be advocates and encourage your neighbors to be members as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ron Wyckmans (MVNA Safety & Security Board of Director) at 602-284-6609. Thank you.