The MVNA Board of Directors meet on the second Wednesday of each month. All regular meetings are held at the Moon Valley Country Club, 2nd floor boardroom. The January meeting is the Annual Meeting, a larger gathering of members that includes a Happy Hour, guest speakers, and free giveaways. Please view our calendar to confirm specific dates and times.

Regardless of the month, all meetings are open to dues-paying members to attend and participate. Members of the general public are welcome to attend and, at the discretion of the Board, participate in the meetings.

The Board also can call special meetings to address individual areas of concern and routinely hosts various events or gatherings throughout the year. Please contact us if you plan on attending a meeting or would like to have an item placed on the agenda.

*MVNA Board Meetings
2nd Wednesday of each month
6:30 - 8:00 pm

Moon Valley Country Club
2nd Floor Boardroom
151 W Moon Valley Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85023

* Due to Covid-19 meeting location has changed and we are also offering remote access. Please contact Drew Hutchinson for details.