The Moon Valley Neighborhood Association (MVNA) is a non-profit corporation in the State of Arizona; it is not a Home Owners Association (HOA) as defined by state statute. As such, the MVNA is a purely voluntary association that covers 29 subdivisions (subdivision map) north of Thunderbird Road, west of 7th Street, and east and south of Coral Gables Drive. A list of Moon Valley's subdivisions and a link to their Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs) is provided on this page. These are provided as a courtesy; the most recent version of your CC&R should be verified with your realtor or title company.
Since the MVNA is not an HOA, there are no rules or regulations that are enforced by the Board. The Board does not have the authority to issue citations, levy fines, or place a lien against the home of any member or resident. The by-laws of the MVNA provide a complete overview of the structure and process that the Board and the Association follow.
Although Moon Valley does not have an HOA, all homeowners must follow various city and state laws regarding their property. This includes blight violations, which are enforced by the City of Phoenix. Residents can report blight issues on the City of Phoenix website.
Homeowners are also bound to the Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs) that have been placed on their property. Each property may have different CC&Rs, depending on the subdivision the house is part of. CC&Rs are enforced by the other property owners in the subdivision through a legal process.
If you have concerns about a neighbor's property, please feel free to contact us and we can help explain some different means of resolution. Most of the time, it just requires a little discussion.

Moon Valley Subdivisions

Apollo Estates 1 (CCRs)
Apollo Estates 2 (CCRs)
Apollo Estates 3 (CCRs)
Apollo Estates 4 (CCRs)
Apollo Estates 5 (CCRs)
Apollo Estates 6 (CCRs)
Camino Verde (CCRs)
Coral Gables Estates 1 (CCRs)
Coral Gables Estates 2 (CCRs)
Coral Gables Estates 3 (CCRs)
Country Club North 1 (CCRs)
Country Club North 2 (CCRs)
Country Club North 3 (CCRs)
Hillcrest 1 (CCRs)
Hillcrest 2 (CCRs)
Hillcrest 3 (CCRs)
Hillcrest 4 (CCRs)
Lunar Vista Estates (CCRs)
Mini Moon Estates (CCRs)
Mini Moon Estates 2 (CCRs)
Moon Valley (CCRs)
Moon Valley 2 (CCRs)
Moon Valley 3 (CCRs)
Moon Valley Cluster Homes (CCRs)
Moon Valley Country Estates (CCRs)
Moon Valley Country Estates 2 (CCRs)
Moon Valley Estates (CCRs)
Moon Valley Homes (CCRs)
Sunset North (CCRs)